On His Vision for Reynolds and Reynolds

"The overall goal is to make this organization into a really first-class software company. If we do that, then the whole organization will grow, will prosper. But, I don't actually define that in numerical terms. I define it as doing the absolute best every day in every project, every task, every decision throughout the company."

On Programming

"I'm basically a programmer at heart and that always has been my first love. Even though I was a salesman of some pretty decent level of capability in my time at IBM, and certainly initially at UCS, I'm still a programmer at heart. And although I had to give up hands-on programming many years ago, I still stay very closely involved in all of our product decisions."

On Product Development

"I believe, and it's a core belief, that you have to understand the customers' product needs in just excruciating detail in order to make things come out right and for the products truly to succeed."

On the Marine Corps

"The Marine Corps teaches discipline, which everyone knows. But they also teach the value of precision doing things exactly right every time. The Marine Corps also teaches you something else: that you can achieve much more than you may think you can achieve. They are very good at testing your limits of physical and mental endurance. These are also great lessons for business."

On Promoting from Within

"Throughout my business career, I've always believed in promoting from within. Our business depends on deep experience and a complete understanding of how automobile dealerships run and operate. I set great store by people who know this business."