News Conference
Remarks by Reynolds CEO Bob Brockman
National Association of Automotive Dealers Association National Convention
Las Vegas, Nevada
Feb. 3, 2007

On the Merger of Reynolds and Reynolds and Universal Computer Systems (UCS)

"Probably there's not many mergers of two companies that fit together any better than these two. [Reynolds has] a very, very large customer base, great brand name, really incredible reputation in the marketplace. [That's] being coupled with a company that's much smaller (UCS) but in fact has the best technology that's available in the DMS space today and has had now for probably some fifteen or twenty years. So, I think that presents us, from a business standpoint, a real opportunity not only for the combined organization itself, but also for our customers. The ability to bring to them software that is enhanced more rapidly, has more functionality, and helps them do what they need to do every day."

On Managing a Larger Organization

"I've personally gone from running a relatively small organization with a relatively small customer base now to a very huge organization. You don't run that size organization the same way that you run a small organization that's a niche market."

On Giving up the UCS Brand and using the Reynolds Name for the Combined Company

"Now, the UCS logo is a pretty simple logo, it's just the letters UCS with a square around it. When you first start in business, you have to have business cards, you have to have letterhead, and you have to have a logo. I was faced one afternoon with the necessity to have a logo. And so I went down to the art supply store and I got some press type, and I pressed on UCS and then I got out my ruler and a ballpoint pen and I drew a box around it. And took it to the printer and said, "Okay, here's my logo, I need my business cards and I need my letterhead so I can start doing business." And at the time I didn't think too much of it, but over the years I got really, really attached to that particular logo. I've spent the better part of my working life building the reputation of that logo, and when this whole transaction [merger with Reynolds] came about, it was emotionally difficult for me to give that up. But, there's no question that the Reynolds reputation is so much stronger, it's a much older name, it's much better recognized in the marketplace. I wouldn't have given up the UCS logo to be a part of any other organization except the Reynolds organization."

On Product Development

"It's been said, I'm basically a technology kind of person. I started the first UCS company really on a shoestring in my living room; taught myself how to program and have been actively involved in the design of all the core software packages that we offer today. It's been quite a few years since I've been able to program, but that's where my heart still is and I'm still very actively involved in product development. And that will be my key focus inside the Reynolds organization is how we're able to build better products, get them into the market quicker, get them where they're actually producing results for our customers."