Excerpts from Automotive News
March 17, 2008
Brockman: Reynolds focuses on service
Q&A with Reynolds and Reynolds Chairman Bob Brockman

Commenting on the Industry Downturn and Weakening Economy

"I've been through five of these cycles. It's always been my choice, through the previous cycles that I've been through, to continue to build. Build steady. And that means you keep on looking for good folks to hire, you keep on working on programming projects. We keep working the to-do list, rain or shine. This is a people business. You continue to build human capital steadily."

On Low-Cost DMS competitors

"There are probably a dozen of them out there that provide lesser functionality at lower cost, and a lot of those have been out there for quite awhile. It's not a new phenomenon. So there's certainly a market for a lower-cost system that's got lesser functionality. There are dealerships whose needs are served by those kinds of vendors. [And,] that's basically a size issue.

"[But] this business is as much of a service business as a software business. And, frankly, as time goes on, as things get more and more complicated, it's [even] more of a service business than a software business. To actually sell it, install it, support it, and continue to maintain the software requires a whole [lot] of people that have got a lot of experience in this business."